Here at Harris and James (H&J), we are passionate about quality and sustainability. For us, quality trumps quantity. So, rather than buying bulk processed chocolate – which is often of a lower quality – we make small batch chocolate with beans sourced directly from farms and cooperatives around the globe. We take great pride in crafting our beans to create quality single-origin chocolate to use throughout our range of quality chocolates.

Whether you’re looking to sample something new or reconnect with an old favourite chocolate, we have a wide range of bespoke options for all tastes. Our hand selected, luxury boxed chocolates are an ideal gift or memento from the Sunrise Coast. For winter warmers, our freshly roasted coffees,  soul-warming hot chocolates and cream-filled white varieties unleash intense flavours, which are a staple of H&J.

We are very excited and proud to bring the best that chocolate and coffee has to offer.