The Aldeburgh Food & Drink Festival has, in the past, run several highly successful conferences on the big issues facing the way eat. Our festival has always been a showcase for the positive initiatives going on in Suffolk and the wider world. The uncertainties created by a global pandemic has meant putting on a conference is still too fraught with difficulty. Instead we decided to make five short films which both explain the problem and reveal some of the emerging solutions and new opportunities they bring. Whilst the films show material drawn from other continents, the festival directors hope that they inform and inspire our farmers, food producers and the wider public to see a bright but changing future for our industry and Suffolk.

The biggest problem of all is how we manage the need to feed millions more humans every year in a way which doesn’t draw, excessively, on the reserves of our planet. Farming and food production are the largest source of climate changing emissions. Our insatiable demand for more and more food is now the biggest cause of the Earth’s loss of biodiversity.

—William Kendall, Festival director

We are really pleased to be sharing five short films, commissioned by the Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival,
which explain some of the problems within farming and food production, and reveal some of the emerging solutions and opportunities they bring.

The films are each roughly 6 minutes long and are entitled:

1. Farming for the Soil
2. Vertical Farming
3. Robot Farming
4. Insects. The New Livestock
5. Protein of the future