If you love food AND photography, then then you will want to join this food photography and styling workshop. Let established food photographer Jemma Watts and renowned chef and author Maria Elia, teach you some top tips and tricks to take your food photography from yukky to yummy!

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Food looks very different through a camera lens than it does to the natural eye. To make your food photos look mouth-watering you need to know camera settings, how to style the food, how to compose the picture to draw the viewers eye, and how to use props to tell the story of your picture.
And did you realise that so much of the food we eat is beige?! Well, in this workshop you will learn how to disguise the beige!
You will also learn:
– How to set up your phone camera to take the best photo
– Tips on styling your food for the lens
– Why natural light is the best and how to use it
– How to compose the shot and use props to tell the story of your food

Maria will teach you industry tips on how to use colour and texture when styling your food to create interesting photos. She will use seasonal food provided by the many producers at the show, with an introduction to each dish.

Jemma will cover how to get the best out of your mobile phone camera, and the settings that we are sure you didn’t know existed! You will learn how to capture the delicious food you love in the best possible way.

All this in only 1 hour! The knowledge you get in this time will change the way you photograph your food forever more.

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