Adnams are delighted to join the Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival with the return of the Drinks Experience for festival-goers. A daily programme of events, where you can discover how some of the region’s best-known drinks are produced and served and get some top tips from the experts. Come along to the stunning riverside drinks tent, where we will serve up an exciting cocktail of drinks-based talks, tastings, demos and discussions.

Saturday 28th September

10:15 am

Tom Evans

11:15 am

Beer & Food Matching

12:15 pm

Jack Adair Bevan

1:15 pm

Gin History

2:15 pm

Eat your Gin!
Fishers Gin

3:15 pm

Ghost Ship 0.5% VS 4.5%
Can you tell the difference

4:15 pm

Cocktails O’clock
Cawston Press

Sunday 29th September

10:30 am

Tom Evans

11:30 am

Beer & Food Matching 

12:30 pm

Gin History

1:30 pm

A Journey Through Cyder
Henry Chevallier Guild of the Aspall founding family

2:45 pm

Ghost Ship 0.5% VS 4.5%
Can you tell the difference?